Stoughton Opera House

Southern Wisconsin's Most Charming Theatre

The historic Stoughton Opera House is located in Stoughton, WI just a few minutes south-east of Madison. The theater plays host to a wide variety of musical and theatrical performances throughout the season - rock, folk, classical, oddities, name it. Known for sublime acoustics and an early 20th century aesthetic, don't pass on a chance to see a show or just pay a visit to the Stoughton Opera House.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many tickets can a member buy on the first day of sales?

One of the benefits of becoming a Friend to the Opera House is the ability to purchase tickets for the entire season two weeks in advance of the general public. The first day of member sales is held on the first Monday of August at 9:00 am CST and it is always exciting and busy in the Box Office. Only one membership is required per household; however, there is a limit of 8 tickets purchased to a single performance for any individual so as to allow all our Friends an opportunity to see their favorite acts. You may purchase up to 8 tickets to as many events during the scheduled season as you would like.

Can I cancel my order?

We offer customer credit for cancelled orders. The credit does not expire and can be used toward any future show/s at the Stoughton Opera House. This credit can be redeemed through our box office by phone or in person. We can offer customer credit for any order up until the day before the show, after which point credit will be available only at the discretion of the Director, or in the event that we are able to re-sell the tickets. A maximum of $250 in customer credit can be held at one time.

Is the building handicap-accessible?

Yes. Our elevator can be entered from street-level, just to the right of the building's main entrance. Select Level 2 for orchestra level (and the box office) and Level 3 for balcony.

On the main floor, seating involves descent of a single step, while the balcony consists of several. For persons unable to take stairs, we have comfortable seating and space for wheelchairs at the back of the balcony. Reserve in advance.

What is the "obstructed" section?

The sight line from certain seats at the back of the main floor is slightly obstructed by one of two 7-inch wide poles holding up the balcony. The seats in this section are sold only when availability for regular seats becomes limited. Obstructed seats are sold at a rate of 25% off regular price. Check out this virtual tour to view the stage from the obstructed section.

Does the Opera house offer assistive listening?

Yes. Our magnetic induction loop system broadcasts digital wireless sound to hearing aids. Hearing aids with a T-coil simply require the push of a button; otherwise, inquire at the box office about a head set.

Please note: due to the structural design of the Opera House, our loop system only transmits reliably on the orchestra level or in the first 2 rows of the balcony. We will do our best to accommodate anyone requiring use of the loop system who is unable to purchase seating in these areas.

Where is the best place to sit?

Everyone has their own preference; there's not a bad seat in the house. Sitting up close can be exciting, and the box seats, while offering an angled view, are fun and cushy. The middle of the balcony is the sweet spot for acoustic perfection.

I lost my tickets! What can I do?

Give us a call! We'll re-print them and have them back to you in no time.

Does the venue offer concessions?

While you can find food and drink at nearby pubs and restaurants, you won't find any in the building itself. We have to keep the City Hall environment clean and professional and the historic opera house pristine, which means we can't allow food or drink into the theatre.

Are the seats as hard as they say?

The original hand-carved wooden seats from 1901 are still going strong! Unfortunately, about 45 minutes into a performance, the charm of it wears off. Patrons are welcome to bring cushions from home or use our very own Stoughton Opera House cushions, which can be found in the box office.

Have another question?

Shoot us an email at or give us a call at (608) 877-4400.


BOX OFFICE: 608 877-4400